Friday, November 2, 2018

A nice week with Mr Master second draft

Boom! It was Tuesday morning and I was with Mr masters in he’s class. I had lot of fun and I worked on laptop to.

I did a lot of live mathletics and won a lot of them.The countries I challenged was Australia, Singapore, England, mexico and Canada.

The four days I was in te puawai they were doing hydroponics. The hot glue guns they were using to make models were increasing the hot air but I was lucky that I had a open door just beside me.

I was feeling a bit sad because my class was away on a trip to Auckland. While my friends were away at camp enjoying, I played with some of the juniors.We played football on the field.We really enjoyed competing each other.
After a tiring day at school I rushed to the bus. Hoping to get home quickly. OMG! It was hot! It was increasing the air inside the bus and my heart was beating faster and faster every second. I was in a rush because I wanted to go home and turn on the fan and laptop.
Now I arrived at home and turned on my laptop and watched videos and turned on fan.


  1. its good to know that you had a great time with mr masters

  2. hello yug your writing about mr masters class when you were in their was cool and i am happy that you had just as a good time as we did in auckland

  3. thanks for a comment ManaiaJ I see you had a good time in auckland to,
    catch u later.

  4. Awesome Yug! It sounds like you enjoyed spending time in my class. We enjoyed having you. I also liked the way that you were able to make friends with others in the school, even though your class weren't at school. You showed our school value of Rereketanga or Diversity, well done.


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