Friday, August 9, 2019

Explaination game

Holpless land fight for survival.

Hopeless land survival is a game that you can play on any device even your Android even your Computer so if you want to download,In this game you must have good weapons to fight your opponent or you might get defeated very easiestly because they might have good guns such as a shotgun or M700 Sniper even a AK-47 these three guns are way too OP to kill you,because that has happened to me sometimes,so land where your enemy is not landing such as don’t land in the house they are looting because he may kill you if he even found a pistol you are dead,And try to be quick because you would have to load your gun. Every gun because you can’t shoot if did not.

Lock n loaded,this trick is really easy to do but requires strong weapons especially the sniper,so go to a hill it doesn't matter if its little or big,so wait until they get out of the house where they were looting. Try finding a bush hoping to not get seen,then when they get out shoot them and grab out your other gun and shoot them and get their loot but be quick.

Victory is what you are aiming for because trust me or not it is so easy as I told you just need good guns and you are ready,just sometimes you can be killed in the early game like just landing and getting killed by a pro or maybe a noob even a god player who knows one thing you don't.

One more thing to remember,don’t judge others in the game because they may be better than a try hard or even a pleb and kill you,you can’t right to them but still watch out and don’t be an egg thinking you are better,just warning you because you may do this once or twice.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Gils fail attempt to climb Mount Everest

Gils failed attempt to climb Mount Everest.  

Gillian Lee tried to climb Mount Everest without an oxygen tank but he did not make it up there.He climbed from the north side on the Tibet route where there was no traffic.

He had reached 7600 metres when all of a sudden he started to cough and his lips were going blue.He collapsed to the ground.His Sherpa guides had to put him into a sleeping bag and put hot water bottles in to warm him up.While they were trying to get Gil down they met the Chinese ropes fixers who helped them.But there was a place where they had to face rocks.They called for a Yak and he was loaded on the beast to reach the base camp,a 22km ride.Gil said that “it was the worst ride of my life”.
At last after the rocky ride they reached the camp and called the helicopter.It gave him a ride to Kathmandu Hospital where he was resting from the breathtaking incident.His Mom visited him,and she was devastated.She said that he did not listen to her advice and said that he could have put the others in danger.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Soccer speech

hi there guys I’m going to talk to about soccer the famous game that is played all around the world even in New Zealand. The history of soccer/football is 2000 thousand years old,it was played in ancient time by china,Greece,Rome and parts of the central America. Well Europe plays most of soccer then the whole world but German mainly because they most then the other country . But it's amazing that people still play soccer from mediaeval times and it was probably invented in 0000. How to play soccer, You play soccer with your feet not your hands because,if you hold the ball in your hand it will be a hand ball and the other team gets a penalty kick,they would try to get a goal so their team gets a point and may win,if they do a handball,an if your team gets it in you get a point. The main thing is to get goals in your opponents goal team,so you may luck to win the match but remember don’t go straight to your opponents goal because they might take the ball of you,so go with some skills and try keeping your teammates close to you,so if you get surrounded by the other team, you can past it to your teammates so they can at least get a goal or maybe you make a distraction so the other team goes to your other teammate making a little place for you to get out and take the ball and score for a victory. What is a free kick, A free kick is awarded by the referee when foul is committed or a player is offside.a kick is awarded to the team on which the offence was committed.all opposition player must be at least ten yards nine metres from the ball when the kick is taken. Most free kicks are direct and can be used to score.Certain offences,such as obstruction,cause an indirect kick.this kick means that the attacking team cannot score directly from it.the ball must touch at least one other player,or either team,before the goal can be scored. Famous players. While I think all the players are good at soccer,but these are some best players around the world that are still famous and Exotic with their stunning skill that amaze us to play football everyday,but there are more people in this school that play more than I do,but personally I think I play more because at home I play with my spongee little ball that I have. But this are the cool player still playing soccer 
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 
2 Lionel Messi 
3 Neymar Jr 
And many more player. 
 Soccer in other countries 
As I told you guys that soccer is famous that is played around the and even played in some poor countries were they cant have soccer ball,this a tip that I found from the town library that I going to share, first you will need flat papers and then crunch them up and put them a plastic bag and wrap it with rubber band on it and they kick it around but some sometimes it can break to if itsnot strong enough. My favourite player My favourite player is me of course I play soccer,just kidding my favourite is Cristiano Ronaldo,but I like him because he inspired me to play soccer because I bet I would not be doing a speech on soccer. An he is super cool and rich,he makes good amount of money that probably we can imagine having.its like crazy having that much money. He has some cool car collection like the Bugatti veyron and chiron an the new Bugatti that he bought for $11 Million dollars. He is really cool because in one of the videos he did and he juggled with his feet and he had a orange to juggle with an it was really cool watching him do that with a orange because sometimes that hard,because it's literally a orange an that is harder than we think it is,because sometimes I can’t juggle with soccer ball,well sometimes maybe I can do around 50 to 60 if I im not counting. An moving to Juventus he receive a 120 million euro salary over four years.30 million every year.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Te reo animation

W.A.L.T  make a cartoon strip in Te Reo Maori.
Also we had to ask questions and answer in Maori as well as translate to our class.   

It was really hard spelling the Maori vocabulary and finding the perfect character to match with this animation,but after a little while I managed to find two perfect character's.
The fun part was putting the character's in their place and to make it look like they were moving a little bit.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Leadership award

W.A.L.T make poster showing what makes us a good leader in the school, these are my reasons why I should win the Sir Peter Blake award.  

I should win because I think I help people at morning tea and lunch as well. I help people always at time at school and outside. 
1.I help my friends and everyone in the school. 
2.I give everything a go,even the thing that I not know.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Quality blog comments

W.A.L.T we are to do quality blog posts on karoro school,this are my quality blog posts.  

Hi, Jessica, my name is Yug, I am a buddy from Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Ate.
We have a device as well, an we learned that as well.
See you later.
From Yug.

Kia ora Cameron I am Yug, your buddy from Tuhi Mai, Tuhi Atu.
I like the liberty of statue that you made out Lego and I even made that at my house but I made big and more details in it.
Was it hard while building the statue or was it easy because my one was really hard but I managed to finish it on Sunday and destroyed on Monday what was really funny to watch but it was fine,on Wednesday I made a Lego car an it was awesome looking and I had made it like a party car and tried to made the car from Lego movie the one that bad/good cop had.
See you later.
From Yug.